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Women are the champions of family health care

At Labcorp, we empower women through wellness, understanding that a woman’s health care needs change with every stage of her life. Wherever you are in your life, whatever your health, family, and personal situation, wherever you go for testing, and whoever you see, we aspire to be your source for health care insights.

Talk to your provider about a comprehensive array of tests available from Labcorp, and discuss which tests are right for you.

Wellness at every age

From screening to diagnosis and counseling, we support the continuum of health care based on age and risk factors. Learn more about women’s health at every age. 
Learn more about your child's wellness visits at every age.

Testing While Expecting

Testing While Expecting

Getting early and regular prenatal care improves the chances of a healthy pregnancy. Learn more about our Testing While Expecting Program.

Genetic testing supports healthy moms, babies and families

Genetic testing supports healthy moms, babies and families

Genetic testing can provide insights to help you better understand your health, and that of your family, too. Labcorp can provide a true continuity of care, from pre-pregnancy screens to pediatric diagnostics to Women’s Health and Wellness to hereditary cancer testing. See which genetic tests might be right for you.

Genetic Counseling

Navigating the world of genetics doesn’t have to be complicated

Genetic information and knowledge is changing rapidly. The testing process may be complex and it is important to have a trusted source to get answers to your questions. Learn more about genetic counseling and be sure to view our Genetic Education video series.

Easy access for your entire family

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